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Version 0.4.0 available (released 2007-05-02)

What is PythoPhotoPod?
PythoPhotoPod is a Python-based GTK+ GUI for Linux synchronizing photos and photo albums with your iPod (tm)1 (see a list of supported iPods below).

Why PythoPhotoPod?
iTunes (tm)1, the official tool supplied with each iPod, is only available for two proprietary operating systems. If, like me, you don't have any of those, or Linux simply is your favourite choice, then this is the tool you need to use your iPod's photo capability.

See the screenshots to find out what you get. Click images to see larger screenshots. The exact looks and window style depend on your window manager and settings of course.

PythoPhotoPod Screenshot
[large screenshot]


PythoPhotoPod Screenshot

PythoPhotoPod has the following system requirements:

Python and GTK should be default parts of most Linux installations. In some distributions (such as SuSE Linux) you may need to select and install the optional “python-gtk” module.

Features of PythoPhotoPod


PythoPhotoPod does NOT and will NOT support the following features:

Help wanted

Thanks to everyone who contributed to wikiPodLinux at Without your help this tool hadn't been possible.


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